About The Game

Imagine yourself in a real-life adventure game filled with mysterious puzzles and brain-teasing clues! This is Escape Room! You’ll be immersed in one of four extraordinary environments, from a 1960’s detective office to a serial killer’s house, an asylum or a cemetery. Solve the challenging clues and puzzles and escape before your time runs out! Before your game, we’ll review the rules and answer any questions.

Unlock Me Escape Room - UNLOCKME Escape Room

Featured Rooms

How it works

Escape in Time

The principle of the game is simple, you are locked in a room with your team and your goal is to manage to escape in Time.

Engaging experience

Unlock Me offers the most interactive and engaging experiences where every aspect of the story has been carefully designed so as to become a memory you will never forget!

Use your mind

By using your mind and your group’s collective intelligence you must make sense of all the information, not get stuck and  manage to exit the room before the time runs out.

Ask for help

If you get stuck at a certain point, don’t panic, you can ask for clues, but bear in mind that this can be done only a certain number of times.


This is the perfect team activity for colleagues wishing to spend some time outside the office, families and groups of friends who want to have a great time!

Look around

Every object, every image, every sign could lead you to the next step and play a role in finding your way out.


We went today and had a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend this place. the staff were very friendly and we had a great time. perfect activity to do with a group of people. will definitely be back!
Unlock Me Escape Room - UNLOCKME Escape Room
Chrisoulla Nicolaou
I highly recommend! The guys have done an incredible work! Didn't expect something so professional! Very friendly environment and high level rooms! Thank you for such an amazing experience!
Unlock Me Escape Room - UNLOCKME Escape Room
Katerina Aggeli
Excellent experience, helpful staff and great challenging room!
Unlock Me Escape Room - UNLOCKME Escape Room
Cla Ire
Great experience definitely recommended!!!
Unlock Me Escape Room - UNLOCKME Escape Room
Andri Harpa
Great place for fun great getaway rooms
Unlock Me Escape Room - UNLOCKME Escape Room
Antonios Andreou

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists

Ready For The Escape?

Escape Room gives you the opportunity to have fun