Death Ride


Escape room description

A series of murders are committed in London in the mid-20th century are about to be time-barred. The last victim was Mr John, whom every night after work used to walk up to his house to breathe fresh air. At December’s 10th, a cold rainy night, this walk was fatal.

As he was heading to his house, he stopped a taxi to take him home. The taxi driver was a serial killer, who was stealing and then murdering unsuspecting victims. He never got convicted as the police have never been able to find enough evidences.

You are a team of young police officers, who have taken the cases in your hands. You have only one hour to the murderer’s house in order to find the missing evidence, so you can present them to the court before the case is time-barred and the killer is forever free.


2 people from 20€/person
3 people from 17€/person
4 people from 15€/person
5 people from 13€/person
6 people from 11€/person
7 people from 10€/person

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