Psycho Intelligence – Live Performance


The chief of the UMI secret service forms a team of agents and assigns them an important mission. He chose the best to enter an asylum in which illegal experiments are carried out on humans with high intelligence, with an ultimate goal to use their knowledge against humanity.

One of you has already entered the asylum and discovered in which chamber the smartest but at the same time the most dangerous inmate is located in and he/she arranged a 75 minutes break in the schedule for you to enter the chamber and steal all the studies that were carried out and decide whether to kill the inmate or not.

However you have to be careful. Due to the experiments carried out on him he developed a very dangerous behaviour towards others, especially when he feels threatened he can be extremely dangerous. You must not trespass in any way his personal space or to oppose because you’re going to be in trouble.


3 people from 22€/person
4 people from 20€/person
5 people from 18€/person
6 people from 17€/person

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