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You work in a computer company, and lately, strange noises have been coming from the server room at night. Rumor has it that the previous server room manager mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only a series of encrypted files.

One night, you decide to stay late at the office and investigate what’s happening. You enter the server room and start examining the surroundings. Suddenly, the door closes behind you, and you find yourself trapped.

You realize that the encrypted files left by the previous manager contain the keys to unlock the door. However, time is ticking, and with each passing second, the sense of a dark presence grows stronger and more intense.

You have only one hour to solve the encrypted files and unlock the door. If you fail, the doors will never open, and you will be trapped forever inside the server room.


2 people from 20€/person
3 people from 17€/person
4 people from 15€/person
5 people from 13€/person
6 people from 11€/person
7 people from 10€/person

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